How do i set up repeating groups so new data is added in chronological order?

Hi! I read through other posts about “repeating groups”, but those that sounded like my question don’t actually have an answer written out since people seem to have figured it out…

I’m creating a web-app so people can write and read stories based on a theme of kindness. I have the "story editor page set up, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to set up the “stories” page. The “stories” page would showcase all the kindness stories that users have posted, with the most recent story at the top.

How should i set up the “dynamic data” on the “story editor” page so the uploaded data can send to the “stories” page, and how should the “dynamic data” within the repeating groups on the “stories” page be set up?

Thanks! :smile:

First: do the tutorial lessons if you have not. This should help you some with “sending data” concepts.

Second: Repeating groups are simply display components used to visualize what Bubble calls lists. Lists are essentially the same as arrays in any other programming environment.

The order of things displayed in a repeating group depends on the list being visualized. If the items in the list are sorted — for example — in chronological order, the items in the repeating group will appear in chronological order.

So if the source for some RG is some_list_of_things:sorted by Created Date (descending = yes), the most recently created item will appear in the first RG cell, the second most recent in position 2, etc.

Thanks, Keith!.. I watched all the tutorials I could on both sending data and repeating groups. I am able to pass data from the “add story” to “story editor” page, but the “stories” page is where the repeating group would get set up and that’s where the trouble is.

When on the repeating group, the video set the “Data source” as “do a search for”, then (in the popup to the left) selected the “type” (which i did) and sorted by creation date (as you identified).

But when i try to add a TEXT box or IMAGE within the repeating group row, I’m not sure what text i’m supposed to put in the dynamic data box. The video selected “parent group” from the dynamic data dropdown, but i dont have “parent group”’ as a selected option… am i supposed to be able to see “parent group” ? and is “parent group” the right way to pass the data into the TEXT box and images within the repeating group?

I’ve figured out the answer, so for anyone else who is contending with the same issue of how to get “parent group” to appear - and how to send data from one page to another page, and portray it in a repeating group: (1) go to the page where your data is being input (2) click on the group that your input data is located within (3) within the “data source” field, click “dynamic data” and then “parent group[type of content]” from the drop down (if type of content is “smile story”, then it’ll appear in the dropdown will say “parent group smile story”. Then, once you go to the repeating group, ensure that the group (that you create within the repeating group) “type of content” is also “smile story”. Then, you can enter text, image, etc. elements and the “dynamic data” dropdown will now have “parent group smile story” in the dropdown…and should work :slight_smile: