Display list of text in a repeating group

So I have a data type that consist of:
-skill (text)
-sub-skills (text)

How would I be able to display the sub skills separately in a repeating group? I am able to do it with skill easily. What I am currently doing is saving sub-skills as a text and then using regex to split it by commas. That’s as far as I’ve gotten and it just doesn’t wanna print the right data. Any ideas?

Hey @sonik

Take a look at this, notice the database structure between the Skill and Sub-Skill database views
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

That’s close to what I actually want lol! My only issue is when I try to put the sub-skills in a collapsible group it fails. Also is there a way to add the subskills based on main skill name? So like having the enter sub-skills input outside the repeating group (same area as “add new skill” input)?

How’s it looking so far?

it goods, only thing I couldn’t do was use collapsible group but looks good still.

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