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Hi , i am trying to make the user add skills using repeating group with plus icon ,but these data [Skills] doesn’t display in the data form or in the result page as a list !!! Please check the screen shot

I need help

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hi @ciscotreasure - I’ve run into this before where I add things to a list and when i go to display them, I get a similar result you’re getting. There are a couple ways to fix it, neither use List of Things.
First Way: If you’re limiting the user to just 3 skills, the add three data fields for the User, ie Skill1, Skill2 and Skill3. Then assign the entered skill to the appropriate data field (you’ll need to keep track of the which Skill# is being filled so you don’t keep overwriting user skill data)

Second Way: If you are allowing User to enter n-number of skills, then create a new Type called “Skill” and include User and Skill fields in it. When the green “+” button is hit, have a workflow create a new Skill for that User. Then use a repeating group searching for Skill for that User to display that user’s skills.

Hope one of those two helps.

Thanks nikolai for the replay , i want to use the second Way [ allowing user to enter n-number of skills ] BUT at the same time i don’t want to create new data for skills when i click on the plus icon ,because after adding skills and other data there is at the end of the page " save your project inof " Button where i create new data using work flow ,please check the screen shot for more details

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@ciscotreasure - to achieve what you’re looking for, you’ll need to create a new Skill otherwise I’m not sure how bubble would know to put the Skill value into the repeating group. For reference, I put together a demo here:

You’ll want to remove the following line you currently have when you create a new Portfolio because creating a new Skill when you hit “Add skill” in my demo already takes care of it for you.

When you want to show the Skills of a particular User, simply do a search for Skills and use User as your criteria

Make sense?

nikolai ,Thanks a lot for your quick reply and the demo it helps a lot , my friend i did the same steps and this solve the problem ,BUT how i can let the Skill data become part of portfolio data ,for example as you see in the previous screen shot ,portfolio contain : [ project Title ,Description ,URL ,tools ,ID ,Images ] this data for each user ,how i can add skills too to be part of portfolio data and not separated from the main portfolio

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@ciscotreasure - glad the demo helped.

Regarding adding the Skills data to Portfolio data, what’s the goal you are trying achieve with doing that?

Since the # of Skills will vary by User, I’m not sure there is a way in bubble to add Skills data “under” Portfolio because it’s a dynamic quantity. If you ever need to use the Skills data, you can do a search for it.

Now that all being said, you could “add” the Skills data to Portfolio as you were doing before in addition to creating the Skills data as I have setup in the demo. See updated version of demo where I now have Skills data as standalone and Skills as a child to Porfolio

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Thanks Nikolai for your support , the goal behind my question is to make the Skills data part of the portfolio data , imagine if i have 1000 users ,each user have a portfolio with project tile ,description and another 10 information related to this user under portfolio data field ,and at the same time i want to know the skills for this user under ,in this case there is no need to search for skills field for that user in different data ,because this information [Skills ] should be a part of portfolio for the same user …However , Thanks for your demo ,it solve the problem for me , because as we make the Skills as a child of the portfolio ,it display in the portfolio with the unique ID and i can change it to be represent with the Skills instead of the unique ID ,please check the screen shot

this was my goal , if there is any other information to achive my goal , i mean another way please share it with me , however your support help me to solve my problem , much appreciate


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