Show list o items in a repeating group

Hi, I’m saving the repeating group selected items in a list field on database. But when I need to show them in another place, through another repeating group, them appears in the input separated by comma. But I need show each one per each input. Any one can help me on this issue? :pray:
See below the print of screens. Thanks a lot!!!


Is your lista eventos field is a list field?
Can you share your app field settings?

Also, can you share the workflow that “add” event to lista eventos

Hello Jici,
Please, see following images and a video.
1st, should be created a database thing with all events, one by one;

2nd, should be created a list with some of the events selected;

3rd, the created list should used in a process.

See the video by this link:

Thank you very much!

You need to set the type of the second RG as the data type of the list. If your selections are a list of texts, you need to set the type of the RG as text and data source as Do a search for Follow-up Eventos’ descricao.

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More on displaying lists in RG -

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Hi @sharma.himanshu0608,
I going to try that.
Many thanks!

Hi @sharma.himanshu0608
It worked!
Thank you very much.

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