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Display next item (created by date) from a data field (list)


there is user, who can have multiple (concept) profiles, i.e. list of concepts.

On the user page, there is rg_concept_profile (first item shown).

Question is if that “first item” is known by first created concept profile by user?

And if it’s possible to (by clicking at “next concept” - display next (by date) created concept profile?

Now when the “next concept” is clicked, it displays the last item, i.e. user can’t go back to the first item, we can create button or add dynamicity (condition) to the existing button, but it would be best if it could go in the circle.

E.g. as clicked “next concept” to go by order (date of creation), and when the last concept profile is reached, to go to the first?

Simpler logic is also welcome… :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hello! The Bubble Support team would love to help you investigate this issue further. Please feel free to message us at [email protected] !

Hi Ikenna,

Would be ok to speak here, in the messages?

This could be a feedback for Bubble as well, it feel definitely to be closer to each other (in the Community), whereas is more simple and quicker, easier?

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