Open next user's page, alphabetically

Hi folks. Problem I can’t solve…
I have an app with student users and admin users. I want the admin users to be able to click on a link in the header or on one student’s page and go to the next student’s profile page, alphabetically. I have a list of student users per department, but it’s not sorted alphabetically in the database. So if an administrator is on Jane Doe’s profile page, how can I design a workflow so a “Next Student” button takes them to Jeremy Doku’s page?

Let me try to set up an example for you. :blush:

I think this is the simplest way to do it. It really depends on how you have things set up though. Check it out.

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Does that work for you?

Hey @J805 Thanks very much. I want to open a page with type User and send the user as the data in the Go To Page action .
Maybe I could have an invisible repeating group of all the students in that department, sorted alphabetically. On page load, I’d show the current Page’s User in that invisible RG and then on the Next Student workflow start by showing the next user and then in the Go To Page action, include the user shown in that RG as the data to send.
Do you think all that will work in an invisble RG?

I think it’s a possibility. It’s worth a shot. :blush: