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Display Only The City

How do you go about displaying ONLY the city that the Thing is in after calculating coordinates to a full text address?

What if we just want to determine what city the coordinates are in where we don’t need the full address?

Extract the City from the Address:

There are lots of options available

Thank you!

Hi there,

I just this thread.

Maybe you already have a solution for the problem I’m having?


Another bump to this thread: I can’t seem to extract ONLY the city from the address.

This gives me City, Country

Whereas if I extract the country from the address, it works fine. Anyone else has this?

For me too. But it’s caused by the Content format “Address”, if it is “Text” then the extract shows just the city.

Thanks! I thought for some reason I couldn’t use text as the content format, but this indeed works. Thanks again!