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Display only the first single item in the repeater group

I need to display the name of the leagues with games of the day, and then group the games into those leagues.

For this, I am using the repeater group to display leagues by games, but it is repeated leagues according to the number of games of the day.

I’m use this api for get data API-Football - Documentation

Can someone help me?

Hi @netominas !

Try to use the command “Group by:” to group the games by league.

If you share more details of your workflow and codes, it will become easier to help…

Hi friend,

Thanks for trying to help.

It actually has a simple way, I only need to show only the first league, so I can list the games below.

How could I list only the first league?


What I want to do:

List the games of the day grouped by leagues:

Name League 1
- Game 1
- Game 2

Name League 2
- Game 1
- Game 2

Name League 3
- Game 1
- Game 2

Use the command :fist item to extract info only of the first item of the list…

You can do this for me?