Display posts of people you follow (should work but does not!)

Hello, the answer should be very simple but it does not work

I make a social app, I want to display the posts made by people you follow. My data base is set up such as a field in User is following which is a list of users.
So I set up a repeating group, type of content : Post, data source : Do a search for Posts, Created by is in Current User’s Following.

It should work just fine but it doesn’t find any post!
So I am really lost and don’t know if I’m missing out on something.

Thank you very much for you help, I really can’t understand why it is not working !


Check your data and ensure that at least a post entry exists where the author of that post is in the current user’s following (which as you say is a list of users) when previewing the page.

Delete all privacy setting for user and for post for now and in case they exist. You can deal with enhancing security in your app later on when you are more familiar with Bubble.

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Thank you very much, it was indeed the privacy settings that wouldn’t allow such thing !
Thank you once again, I hope this post might help other people in the future

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