Only displaying the User you're currently logged in as in the repeating group

Hey got a fun puzzle to solve if you could help,

I’ve got a repeating group doing a search for all Posts with a field published set to “yes.”
That works since whenever I press to upload a post, it auto sets the published field to yes and creates that post correctly, stored in my database.

The problem I’m having is that my repeating group seems to be only displaying the posts that the user themselves has authored and not showing any posts written by others, even though I’m not requesting that condition.

Some thoughts I had - perhaps the repeating group includes a photo and the photo is null so ruining displaying everything - tried it and didn’t fix. The flow from making an account is confirm name and photo, go to profile page. Then click text saying home to be brought to home without sending any info.

Here’s a few screenshots, 1st of database, 2nd of look on account that’s created the post, 3rd look on diff account unable to see post, and 4th the repeating group setting.

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Hey, @zach421,

Check the privacy rules, maybe there is a rule set up incorrectly :grinning: :computer:


That was it! Must’ve by accident turned all privacy on at the beginning. Thanks!
Issue: Had privacy for Post with everyone not user, as unchecked.
Solution: Checked search for Post’s in database as you suggested, and it fixed.

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