Hello bubble Help me with this

Hi everyone I’m new to bubble and I have been trying to build social media application and yet I can’t create a list of post of the current user. I mean I want to display all the post of the current user in profile page

That’s exactly what I want to create Thank you all.

What is your database setup like? What are your workflows?

What exactly are you having trouble with?

I want to display all the post of the current user in the profile page, I have a data for a post and a post content where I can single image post, carousel image post and video post so I want then to show up in the current user profile page, there are all show in home page I want them to display in the profile page just like how Instagram display a user post in there page

Set the Profile page type to ‘User’

Drop a Repeating Group on the profile page and set it to type ‘Post’ which will display all of current user’s posts.

You can go to the database > users , and click on the ‘Run As’ link on a User to see how it looks.

Depending on your use case, you might want to play around with Privacy Rules to control who can see posts from users.

Ok I will now

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