Display Results in Repeater that Don't overlap with Chosen Dates

Hi there bubblenation,

I have come across the hurdle as we all do on this magnifico app.

I’ve seen alot of tutorials for AirBNB Clones etc. One thing I havent been able to come across is the search function list.

A customer enters from 2x date pickers a check-In & Check-out and hits search.

Search goes to Search Results Page and on page load a repeating list is set to search and display the Available Properties that’s ‘Booked Dates’ DONT overlap with the date range selected from the customer.

The Booked Dates under the Properties Data Type is a ‘List of Date Ranges’.

When clicking on repeating_group that displays the list of available properties, there isnt an ‘Overlaps with’ option with the ‘List of Data Ranges’.

Has anybody got a work around for this?

Thank you

I am also looking for a solution