Display search status (in progress, empty) with repeating group search

I do a search on a repeating group. This search can take a little time.

When doing the search, I want the UI to:

  1. Empty the group (done)
  2. Display a "searching for … " text while the search is ongoing.
  3. Display a “no records found” if the search result is empty.

I have not yet found a way to display 2 and 3 dynamically in a way that Bubble can make the difference between no records yet and no records at all.

Do you have some idea on how to solve this?

Easy enough as the search:count is returned almost instantly, so if there are zero results that would be known very quickly

There is a value on the repeating group that is ‘is loading’ but it is worthless and after 5 years I have not seen Bubble take the time to make it functional as it should be.

You may find some plugins that could assist, but I’ve never looked for any myself

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