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Status of a search

A lot of times we use “search for…” to set something’s status.

Is there a way to get the status of that search?

If the search is fast, like less than a couple seconds, it’s usually okay. Sometimes the searches take a lot longer than that, or don’t seem to update at all. I’d like to display a “loading” status, or something along those lines, to show that the search is working and just hasn’t finished yet. Otherwise there’s no status and it’s unclear if things are broken or working.

For example, here I have a button that shows a checkmark if this step has been done before. It has to go all the way to the server to run the search, then return the result. If it takes a while people end up clicking the “did it” button several times because they assume maybe they didn’t click it correctly the first time. Sometimes the status doesn’t seem to update at all.

Is there something analogous to repeating groups “is loading” that I can use to show the search is in progress and just not done yet? @emmanuel

Is the result of the search displayed somewhere, in a RG or something?

You could set a condition on the button to change text to ‘loading’ and make the button not clickable when the RG is still empty?

No, the result of the search sets the condition on the element. It’s in the “when” under “conditional.”