Display Seller's Balance in Stripe.JS 2


Is it possible to use the Stripe.JS 2 API to display the balance for a Seller? I cannot seem to find this function.

Thank you

Any luck on this?


I was not able to figure this out and eventually moved on, to return to it later.

In Stripe 1, there was a call to retrieve a seller’s balance but it was broken and would display the numbers without a decimal. It’s probably been updated to do this correctly now, but I havent tried yet. If I figure it out, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I actually figured it out! I used a different plugin, stripe marketplace by zerocode

I have the same plugin but have been running into issues trying to display a sellers balance and update it periodically. Did you use a webhook?

Curious to see how you set it up because Im having some trouble!