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Little question

Hello everyone.
I have searched everywhere and I couldn’t find a solution yet.
I am building something like shopify and I use Stripe plugin.
Is there anyway to show my users who are subscribed as "sellers " their balance?
I don’t know if the sellers will have to log into stripe website every time to check their balance, etc.
I thought I can make them a little portal on my website .
Thanks in advance :relaxed:

I’m not sure sure if you can access a seller’s balance using the Bubble Stripe plugin (assuming that’s the one you’re using) - I think you can only get your own account balance (I could be wrong there)…

But it’s certainly simple enough to do it using Stripe’s API and the API connector plugin, using a ‘retrieve balance’ call for the connected account.

If you’re not familiar with using the API connector, or Stripe’s API, have a look through this forum for more information, including this post:

How to Integrate Stripe Payments Course : Definitive Guide to Monetizing your Application via Stripe API - Showcase - Bubble Forum


Just curios, where are u from or located?

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Egypt but located in the UK.

Fast process, everything is possible… little effort

I can’t afford the course tbh.
I am looking at the api calls, I gave the bubble api connect but not sure how to make this call tbf.
Thanks anyway

Do you want to implement stripe API with live version already in the market ? or still

No I am still under construction, but I am in a paid plan now and hopefully going live soon .

I can tell you this, that implementing stripe is somehow challenging but everything you looking for is possible

You need
1-Stripe plugin
2-Stripe API connector for creating calls
in your situation yo need webhook to create events
3-Values attached in DB for saving and checking

You have some tutorials, @boston85719 who do curses and some guys out there + forums + stripe docs + bubble docs

If you face any problem trying hard, please reply here.
I will be free next week on friday to give you a greater push.

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Thank you very much.
I will keep searching and will reply here what I got to.

BTW, in the webhooks events o couldn’t find something like connect account balance.
It was all about the subscription and subscribed customers updates.

Go deep, you got this… start first with basics of tutorial and forums + docs.
No problem mate.

Give this a try

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This is exactly what you are looking for + more little effort

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Top man thanks

i got stuck here.
i have tried to set up webhooks and called the events “Balance” and the check point listen to connected accounts, but with no hope lol.
this photo i shared is where i believe i need to make the api call but i really have no clue how to call it on api connector.
thank you.

You don’t need to use a webhook to do this…

Just a simple API call with the API conector.

Here are the API docs you need:

Stripe API Reference - Balance

Here’s how to set up the API connector (it’s very simple)…

  1. Create a new API called ‘Stripe’ (or whatever you want to call it), set up like this:

With your live and test API keys entered as shown.

Then add a new API call called Retrevive Balance (or whatever you want to call it), like this:

Where the Stripe-Account key refers to the connected account you want the balance for.

And that’s it.

Then you can use the call as a datasource on your portal page to show the user their current Stripe balance.

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an absolute LEGEND you are.
Thank You Sir.

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