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Hiring freelancer for Stripe JS.2 plugin for Payments Page for Buyers and Sellers

Hey everybody,

I’m looking for an experienced Bubbler who has extensive experience in the Stripe.js 2 plugin.

I’ve been able to complete most of the work, so I’m looking for someone who can handle and look for any security issues, tokenization, and see if there are any areas of improvement regarding security, and then implement them.

I’m also looking for a really short term task for someone to be able to create a “payments” page for both buyers and sellers.


  • Allow buyers to be able to see what they’ve paid for and how much they’ve paid for it through the Stripe api plugin.
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Allow buyers to be able to see their balance - in case items are refunded (if this is doable)
  • Allow buyers to manage their payments methods - including editing, adding, and deleting payment methods.

Seller Payments Dashboard:

  • Allow sellers to access their total sales with filtering options (month, date, etc)
  • Allow sellers to access their balance and payouts.
  • Allow sellers to filter their payouts, and when they’re scheduled for their next payouts.
  • Allow sellers to show totals - including how much they’ve made, how much they’ve refunded, etc.
  • Allow sellers to refund items that they’ve sold (workflow will be needed to implement).
  • Allow sellers to see which items have sold and how much.
  • Allow sellers to be able to download their reciepts.
  • Allow sellers to be able to download their payments as a CSV .
  • Mobile Optimized.

Simply put, I need a comprehensive payments page and I would love to get this done quickly!

In terms of project management, we’ll be using notion for tasks and slack for messaging.

If you’re interested this task, please shoot me an email: [email protected] or message me here!

Have a look at Servicebot I have not personally used them but have seen positive reviews about them.

Hi @kaito

SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with Sripe.js 2 plugin.
I’ve sent you PM with details, please check and write back to me.

Best regards,

[email protected]

Hey, appreciate the mention! I talked to them and they don’t fit my needs but they’re perfect for subscriptions!

Responded :slight_smile:

Hi Alexander , is there a way to do this , im also looking for something similar as this post .


Please write me in PM or email your request with details.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

[email protected]