Display Specific Icon if User value is Yes/No

So I have a simple form with a dropdown yes/no input. I want to display a check mark if the user is logged into their account and they chose yes. If they chose no, then I want the X icon to display.

Here is what I’ve tried so far and what happens is whenever I click log in and change the dropdown input forms value to yes or to no, it will automatically change the icons. So even after a user has submitted their info, whenever they try to submit another time and update the yes/no dropdown again it will end up updating all the previous responses before and change the icons.

So example Bob submits form for the first time and chooses yes. A check mark icon appears. Bob then submits the form for a 2nd time and chooses no. Right when Bob changes the dropdown value from yes to no, this triggers all the previous responses to switch icons. So now, the first response where Bob says yes with a checkmark has just switch to an X icon instead.

It shouldn’t change the icons after I’ve already submitted my form, yet it still updates them whenever I switch it from yes to no.

Here’s the check mark to start, then I had the conditional set in the picture above.

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