Display the rank of the current user in real time

Hey all :smiley:

I 'm making a BBS system.
I want to express the following.

1, https://bubble.io/page?name=index&id=bulletinboardapp&tab=tabs-1
I posted [Hi! test333] on this site.

2,There are 6 posts in total, so 6/6 is displayed.

3, When another user clicks on the blue hand icon on my post, it goes up and is displayed as 5/6.

Is this possible?

If you’re looking for the rank of the user in the list, then this should do it.

Thanks, SerPounce!

I have installed that plugin.
But I can’t see the current user’s rankings.
What is wrong?


2 things:

  1. The find index plug in is not a visible element. You need to reference it in a text element.
  2. For your workflow to find the index, your data item can’t access the item inside the RG like that. (Your current syntax will return the value ‘1’ every time). You need to tell the plugin what search criteria you are looking for within the search list that you entered immediately above it.

So, it should probably be “search for posts created by current user:first item” if i understand what you are trying to achieve correctly.

Thanks for your reply SerPounce!

However, I have tried many things and it doesn’t work well.

What I’ve done is

I put “FindindexA” inside RG.

In the workflow, I set up a “search for posts created by current user:first item”.

Let me know where I’m going wrong.

What I want to achieve is…

1, When the page is loaded or when the user logs in
2, Display the rank of the current user at the top of the page outside of RG

Is this possible?


check it out now.

I’ve been struggling with this for 1 month…
I got it resolved successfully!
Thanks! @SerPounce!!! :blush:

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