Display total percentage of each text from list of text

Hi guys,

So my app have a function, where users can input their favourite genres of music, picking from a set of genres, coming from a different datatype choosing 5 max. I have ‘music genres’ as a data type, and a dropdown in the user’s account page, so they can’t just input random things. This function is pretty important, as it changes how they can use the site and certain things display to them.

And it works nice, however I wanted to make a pie chart, showing which genres users have chosen the most, as a percentage of all the users, who set their favourite genres. I might just being dumb or thick, but not sure how you’d do that. Because if I put the data in, it always takes the full list, and doesn’t separate them.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Do you have an editor link so I can look your DB structure and chart parameters?

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So I figured it out, really simple really, just had to make the favourite genres a list of things, instead of list of text, and group them by name in the chart.