Display total time user has spent on the app

I want to be able to display “This week, you have spent XX hours on this app” to users.
I want this to measure the time between when they load the web app page, to the moment they go off the page.
Is there a way I can do this within Bubble or use an external plugin?

How do you intend to know, or define, when the user has ‘gone off the page’?

I was wondering if there’s a trigger that Bubble has built in, that could apply a timestamp to that?
There’s one for 'When Page is loaded" but I can’t see one for ‘When user exits session’.

How do you define ‘When user exits session’?

Assuming the user has the web app open within their browser:

  • When they close their browser
  • When they navigate to a different URL.

These two actions.

I don’t use this, but I did put it in my reading list to revisit at a later time. Maybe it might help.

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