Is there an easy way to measure time spent on pages of my app

I don’t know whether this is possible without getting into some serious complexity, but I figured I’d ask just in case.

Is there a way that I could store the time spent actively involved in certain parts of my app.

For example if someone spends 10 minutes entering data into Page A and 6 minutes entering data into Page B.

I want to be able to store this so I can report it back to users in a usage report. The bit I am struggling is measuring the time they’re active and not just the time spent on a particular page, otherwise it would be clocking the time up whilst they are making a cup of coffee or in bed asleep.

I was also trying to get my head around how to know when they’ve left as they could just close the tab rather than go to another part of the site.

Any ideas much appreciated :slight_smile:

Try Hotjar or Mixpanel…

My fav

@AliFarahat goes one better and allows you to detect as users state… i use a “do every 15 secs” to store soemthing indicating how long in a given stete. allows me not only to detect how long a user is on a given page to the nearset 15 secs but also if they are active or not

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That is perfect. I can do the same as you suggest with the 15 seconds.

Do you think there’s much load created doing it every 15 seconds. Might it be less load on my Bubble app if I did it every 30 seconds or even every 60 seconds?

And I can also do as you suggest and store time on each of the relevant pages (which are all tools) so they’ll have a record of not just how long they’re spending in the app, but exactly what they are doing. Super cool. And I can even add that to the weekly report.

if you just need a ready reckoner then every 30 or 60 secs will do. Generally i find judgiung the amount of time someone is on my page as useless without knowing if they are active, idle or hidden. Ali’s plugin is gold dust. I show the results in a simple dount chart… gives an instant indicator. simply brilliant stiuff


Thanks @Bubbleboy. Really appreciate the advice.

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