Calculate and show user app usage

Is there a way to see:
Most active users on the app.
Least active users on the app.

More like what Bubble has.

I want to see:
Total usage in minutes per day and hours per month.

I want to use this to reward the most active users and encouragement to the least active users.


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Btw, I am thinking to add an extra feature for just that.

Having an “online” indicator, that is a workflow in the RG across the platform, that is triggered By a Current user with a delay of 120 seconds to update the date(time) of “user status”, which is triggers the indicator.

What would be equation to count all that time, or workflow? :smiley:

Interesting… building on your approach, how about:

  • Create 2 new fields for the user record: Latest Time (date field) and Total Time (which could be a number field, representing minutes)
  • Create a backend workflow that’s triggered at some time interval, like every 5 minutes. The workflow:
    a) updates the Total Time only when the current time is within a specific range of the Latest Time (like 5 minutes plus a few seconds for good measure)
    b) updates the Latest Time to the current time

So, if the interval is 5 minutes, if a user is on the page for an hour, it will trigger the backend workflow every 5 minutes to update the Latest Time and add a number (5) to the Total Time. But if the user closes the browser and then goes in the next day, it will update the Current Time, but it won’t update the Total Time since the interval between the Latest Time and the Current Time >5 minutes.

In terms of how to calculate total over the last week or month, perhaps you can create additional fields in the User record for whatever measurement intervals you want, and you do a recurring workflow that runs at weekly/monthly intervals to measure the change in the Total Time.

PS: you could split these time fields into a separate satellite record for the User or use a joining table if you don’t want to weigh down your User record.

I have no idea how well this would work, and perhaps there is some 3rd party tool that would be better.

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So basically, beside the indication that shows if user is online or not - by “doing that” every 5 minutes in this case (i.e. checking for a user activity):


(This workflow is in my (reusable) footer that goes across the app)

How can we in the best case add a complimentary workflow to summarize those “online” times of a user?

Hey guys,
We just released a plugin to fix this complex problem which shouldn’t be one for such a simple feature of knowing the last active status of a user :sweat_smile:
We’re also planning on releasing a new feature soon that allows you to retrieve the total usage time and the per-session usage time :slight_smile:

It’s a powerful cloud-based plugin to detect a user’s active status with low implementation work needed and optimised for performance. Ideal for chats or user-based apps.

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