Display user content for admin view

I am struggling to display certain user info in my backend admin page. My users can create meetup ‘groups’ and I want to first see a list of users and then view their active groups.

This is especially difficult because I need a repeating group of Users, with a link to their individual ‘groups’, so it is unclear how to handle the page types (group or user).

Step 1 - I create a list of Users showing how many active groups they have:

This works well and displays like this;

I then focus on the link for ‘Active groups’. I send the data to a page which will display the selected users’ groups;

The destination page looks like below, but it is always empty so I am doing something wrong? The type of content on all pages is Group and I wonder if it should be User?


The type of the second page must be “User”.

In the RG of the second page, you can do a Search for Groups that contain current page user.

Oh that worked … thank you!!!