Repeating group for a specific user

So i am trying to set up a system in which one specific user can make a post and it would be visible in the “home” page by everyone. I set the user to a specific data type in user yet i cant wrap my head around the solution to this. I tried using the users unique id, the farthest i got is putting up a conditional where nothing but the users posts show up however it counts the other invisible users into cells, help would greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

What do you mean, ‘by everyone’? Like everyone on the site, or just the user’s followers?

Everybody on the site

Hard to say without seeing your page and how the individual post is created and classified, but it should be fairly simple.

I would think:

  1. Add Text Box onto the Page
  2. In the Data Source Box > Do a search for: first item > Click on Do a search for > Create a constraint where Created by = Main User (I think you gotta use email address?) > Sort by Created Date

But this is assuming the posts are simply created as a THING (that’s doesn’t get added into a list of a specific field that’s within another THING Category).

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