Displaying 1000 images

Hi everyone,
I want to display 1000 images on a webpage… and have each image clickable to go to a larger version of the image.
Is this possible on bubble without ridiculous loading times? At the moment I have one repeating group 100 rows x 100 columns with an image in each one and it’s taking forever to load…
I don’t want to change the design - just checking if this is possible or not.

1000 images on a single web page is huge, moreover using 100 columns. Are you sure you need all these images displayed at the same time on the page?

You could use some technics with your RG such as pagination, to display 100 images per page. Also, you could (should, or must!) use the ext vertical mode for the RG, so that the images will be displayed when the user scrolls (do not use the “full list” mode!).

Z’d depending on the source of the image, you should use on of the image compression plugin to reduce the size of the images.

Anyway, whatever tricks you will apply, I think that the loading time will be important with 1000 images to load…