How to reset custom states for all elements in repeating group

Hello there,
I created a question for a quiz. When user selects answer, it show in correspondent color in accordance with right or not answer. I use custom states for Answer.

But when user clicks Next button to go to another question, when new question appears this answer is selected. I tried to remove the custom state but it doesn’t work.

Quiz looks so

Fixed using varibales

When you say “doesn’t work”, what happens? Is the answer showing pre-selected? If yes, can you show how the conditionals are set on the answers?

i use calculators in the cell, when a condition is true, the calc is visible, solves for 1.

you want the calcs to not be visible on page load, otherwise they will run calculations on page load for no reason slowing down your app

workflow of "when calc does a calc and the result is 1, do a workflow (can set a state in the cell or whatever)

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