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Coordinates Precision

At the end, how does this issue about getting the precise location with the coordinates was solved?

Continuing the discussion from Saving GPS location not Address:

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You can now set a map’s marker to a lat/long using Calculate Formula / Coordinate to Address.

It seems a bit long winded, but you should be able to search for an address, or put the map in a group and send something to it.

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Hi Nigel!!! Thanks a lot for that… I think I understood the ’ general concept’, but I cannot make it work. I was trying to replicate the Yelp-like lesson based on this. I tagged you in another ‘topic’, in case you might help. Thanks again!

Yeah, I had a another look at this function, and it wasn’t quite what I had expected it to be. But I think it will do what we want.

@NigelG This works great for a single marker, but what about multiple markers?

I have a List of Things that comes from an API call. Each Thing has a Latitude and Longitude field. I am trying to display these Things on a Map, but so far it’s been proving impossible (I have a project that has been stuck for almost 2 months and I can’t release it because of this issue :frowning: ).
It would be great if the “Address field” (for a Map that shows multiple things) also allowed the “Calculate CoordToAddress” function.
Is there any way to make that work in the current version of Bubble?

Hi @mairabay. Hello everyone.

Did you guys manage to set a marker with a LAT/LON coordinate? Because the “Calculate Formula” seems only to convert address to coordinate.

However, my issue is to set a list of markers very close to each other inside a same address. It is a public square with some sculptures scattered around. I want to mark them. Is it posible?


Nope, at the time I couldn’t get it to work, so I decided to display the items in a list and the user just has to click on each location on the list to see them individually on the map :frowning:
You can see the app working here. I haven’t had time to work on this anymore since it is a volunteer-based project, so I don’t know if there isn’t a way to make it work now.