Displaying count in Dropdown options

I have a Dropdown that shows some options through which I am filtering a RepeatingGroup. I want to show count in front of each of the Dropdown options just to show the user how many entries exist in the database regarding each of the filter options?

I am using an option set to populate the Dropdown itself so can’t populate the count value dynamically there.

Is there any way to achieve this or not? Thanks in advance for any help

Screenshot (426)

Screenshot (426)

Hey @Talha54,

In the “option caption”, after adding the display of the Option set value, you can add a RG search based on that option.

Your option caption would look like → Category’s Display (RG Category: List of Categorys: filtered: count)

The above assumes the following;

  • “Category” is the name of the data you have currently being displayed
  • You have a repeating group on that page whose data type is of “Category” and is currently showing that list
  • For the :filtered, your option set probably has a field on the “Category” datatype that can be used to filter for it.

Let me know if this is clear enough.


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