Dropdown Only Populate Matches and Have a Count

Im new to Bubble and hoping someone can help me with…

Im making a job board. The user searches for their key word and location. The RG populates from the search. I have various drop downs to further filter the results.

How can the drop down items show a number of how many jobs match that category?

All the jobs have these attributes (From an Option Set) as its a part of submitting a job.

Thank you for any assistance!

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The easiest way I could think there is to use a repeating group in a group focus instead since the native dropdown doesn’t have the functionality to do what you want to do.

In the repeating group cell, aside from the option set, you could have a text wherein it would count the number of objects in the repeating group that has the current cell (option set) in their field

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I have another use case to populate a RG with an option set and I only understand how to have the full option set show up in a single cell of a RG. How do I have the first item show up in the first RG cell and the second item show up in the second cell and so on?

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