Displaying data problem

Hi trying to get query information in data type tables.

I have to data types; user and students. in my users data type I have a field name “students” and it is a list of students. In my students data I have a field named “coach” and the data type is user.

I made a repeating group type of content users and data source search for users. When I display it all good, I get a list of coaches (users). When I add another text box and set the dynamic data as: “current cells user’s students 1st name”, it turns blue. All good but when I preview the repeating group it doesn’t display a list of students 1st names, the text box is blank.

When I look at the data I have collected I note that on the users table the list of students column is empty and when I look at the students data table the coaches column is empty.

Anyone any idea where I am going wrong?