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Problem displaying User info from a list of users

Here is my problem.
I have a page where the user(a teacher) adds a user(student) to a data type Class, List of Users roster.

When a class is selected, it redirects to a page that is properly showing the Class and the class name.

I configured the Repeating group to display each user’s name in the roster list with no errors.

I configured the text box in the repeating group to display each user(student) last and first name and got no errors.

When I test the page it displays the class name properly and displays a record for each user in the roster list but not the fields themselves.

Does anyone know what might be wrong? Thank you.

Hi there, @jsmoritz85710… it’s a pretty good bet that the issue is related to the default privacy rule on the User data type (the rule is This User is Current User). With that rule in place, each user can only seen their own information. You can try removing that rule to see if it is causing the issue, and you can (and should) circle back to privacy rules later and set up rules that meet the needs of your app.

Hope this helps.


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Probably the Privacy Rules are blocking the content.
Try to open you database and check the Privacy Rules

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YES!!! That was it! Thank you for the help.

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