Repeating Group of Users displaying empty fields


I have a page set up where admin users are supposed to see a repeating list of other users assigned to a certain role (an Option Set added as a field to the User’s data set). On my page, I see the repeating group, and it is displaying the exact number of rows that corresponds with that user role, but the display of the user’s name is not appearing. Here’s how I have it set up:

  1. Page level - no type of content
  2. First group on the page - No type of content or data source (when I try to add “Search for Users” as a data source, I get an error that the result should be s single user - which is not the case, yet.)
  3. Within that group is the Repeating Group where type of content is User, Data Source is Search for Users, and the search has a constraint to only where Role = “[The role I want to display].” Bubble seems fine with this.
  4. Inside the repeating group’s main cell, I have several other groups that are necessary for formatting the alignment of the data to be displayed within.
  5. The next interior group has Type=User, Data source = Current cell’s User (I would have expected to see “Parent Group’s User” here, but that was not an option).
  6. Inside that is another group, where now we have Data=User, Source=Parent Group’s User
  7. Then we get to the text field to dynamically display - Parent group’s User’s Name

So, I see the correct number of lines in the grid - just no text shows up on the page.

I checked the Privacy settings (which I know is a common culprit - thanks to @mikeloc ). I only have one rule, other than the default, which states that if your user role is Admin, you can do everything (all boxes checked).

So, I’m at a loss. Anyone have an idea? Thanks!

NEVER MIND - I found my mistake. The link I was using to navigate the user to the page was NOT sending the current user info to the page, so the page could not validate the current user’s role as validation for seeing the data.

Sorry for the false alarm!