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Displaying images in a repeating group


I have the following set up:

Repeating group of projects
within each ‘cell’
group (used as a container) - containing the project details (name, description etc)
inside the above group (container) a repeating group for the list of images in each project.

As it stands I can save multiple images within the project type ( project_images is defined as a list of images).

I can display an individual image by using the image element as a stand alone and passing in the project.project_image:item# but when I try to use a repeating group and pass in the project.project_images and use the current cell.image on an image element they are not being displayed. I can see when i do an inspect that the image exists but not showing on screen.

Am I missing a setting or something similar.

It’s hard to do diagnostics on this without seeing what you have. It could be something simple like the images in the inner repeating group are “behind” something else.

Can you recreate the situation in a test app, and share it?

also looking to do something like this! 6 cells, all based on repeating groups, and in each on I want an icon that is based off of the data in the R-G. So cell 1 would have icon 1, cell 2 have icon 2, on and on. Is that feasible in bubble?

@williambennettiv this is a bit simpler than @victoria-williams’s setup.

The R-G could have the list of icons as its data source, so each cell just takes cell’s icon.

Or you could have the list of icons elsewhere, and refer to them using the cell’s index.

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I actually set up a temp project to show you the issue but it was fine there so I removed my repeating group in my main project and tried again, all was well. Clearly I did do something different but can’t re-produce.
Thanks for your response to this.

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