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List of Images In Product, to display in slideshow or repeatinggroup


I have created thing called Project, which contains a field call “Images” which is set to “List of Fields”. I tried to use two seperate image uploader.

When I create a new project, I have used “image add pictureInput1’s value” and “image add pictureInput2’s value”.

The problem is, how do you display the images in a sildeshow or repeatinggroup when i am in side the project detail page?


you need to do this at the repeating group level. You define the data source as the current page’s project images, or something like this.

Ok so i got the list of images to display in a repeatingroup. However, i can’t seem to get a list of images to display in the slideshow. Any ideas as to what i am doing wrong?


Looks like Data Source doesn’t like the list of images on the thing. Can’t get it to work either.

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