Display an image from a repeating group

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I’m having a trouble concerning a repeating group.
I have different images from my database in different cell of a repeating group. In each cell, there is also a button. If the user click this button, I want this image from this specific cell downloaded.
Do you have any idea ?
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Hi @felixthiollier63 :wave:
First you need to install plugin “File downloader” by Airdev

Then when download button is click you have to call “Download file” workflow

Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 21.38.48

Thanks you for your quick reply !
Your indication seem to work but the plugin tells me “Please select only a single file!”, because indeed I want to download several files at one time…

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I think for downloading multiple files you might need to use backend workflows.

Yes I tried that a lot and I didn’t find any other plugins…
Do you have more details concerning the backend workflows ?

@felixthiollier63 I never tried this :frowning_face:

Maybe some other experts can help
@mikeloc @adamhholmes @sam.morgan @Jici

Ok, or I have also an idea : the aim of the button is to display the images in the current cell but bigger in an other group so that the user can see correctly the image. Indeed, before clicking the button, the user can see the image but in low quality (I didi it on purpose)
Do you have an idea concerning the process ?

Hi @felixthiollier63,

have you tried using a zip file downloader? it works just fine, I made a very quick tester to show you how it works:

  1. install the plugin.
  2. add an action to the repeating group cells to add the cell’s picture to a custom state of type image(list) to the repeating group. And then add a button to download zip of the custom state’s images:

when the checkbox is clicked and the item is not in the list of selected pictures:

when the checkbox is clicked and the item is in the list of selected pictures:

when button to download all selected is clicked:

try it out yourself:

hope this helps.
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