Displaying increment arrows on number input

Is there a way to make an integer input display the increment / decrement arrows that seem to be standard on number inputs on the web ?
From Mozilla :

I imagine bubble’s “Input” element set to Integer just takes a text input and limits it to numbers instead of doing a proper number input. But is there a simple way to create an actual number input in the editor ? I’m not finding a plugin or a related forum topic.

I don’t know of any plugin or prebuilt from Bubble solution…you can however, build it yourself by putting a group with the border, add icons for the increment and decrement and then place the input element inside the group and format it so it doesn’t have a border or background color and set all the ‘focused’ formatting onto the container group.

Then when the user presses increment / decrement you can use workflows to change the inputs value.

Yeah, I’ve ended up doing something similar and ended up customizing the design a little bit.

But it’s really a shame that Bubble doesn’t include a very standard html component like this. It’s putting impendiments on cross-platform and cross-device functionality for no good reason.


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