Displaying items in a repeating group based on list of dates

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a list of items available to book. Each item has a maximum quantity of 15 i.e it can be booked 15 times for a given date range.

In the database for items I have the item name, price, and a list of date ranges called “availability”. I also have a data type of bookings where a date range is created each time a booking is made (another list of date ranges)

I display the items in a repeating group but cannot filter using the availability field from the db because even if i could filter by checking bookings with a start date → range → end date against the item inventory, it would need to count to see if the number of bookings with a start date → range → end date that fit the users chosen start and end dates is 15 or not.

Does anyone have any experience filtering by list of dates?


Managed to figure it out! :slight_smile:

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