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How to filtering repeating group via date range?

Hi Guys,
I have a date range i’d like to filter items (RG) with. Each item has unavailable days as a list of dates. I’d only like to show items that are available within the date range but i can’t figure out the right expression, can anyone help?

Anyone know how to do this?

It’s complicated and ineffecient to do this in vanilla Bubble. My Calendar Grid Pro and Parallels commercial plugins can both do this (in slightly different ways).

I’ve written so much about this that I have little else to offer on the subject beyond what I’ve already written and made videos about.

It’s much easier to just write some code. There are multitudes of problems with Bubble date ranges and Bubble’s internal date range logic/represention that preclude you from doing what you need to do in an efficient way. This is one of those cases where you literally need to turn to plugins or code-based solutions.

I am using Calendar Grid Pro and the user selects dates via that, but what is the right expression to filter based on that range (in the way i asked in the first post?)



The “dates blocked” are the list of dates i’m trying to filter out. I only want to show the item that has no dates blocked during that date range. Does someone know how to do this?

You’re speaking with the author of Calendar Grud Pro right now. I believe I added a utility function for your use case. Have you checked out the “Util” actions in Calendar Grid Pro?

Yes i have, however they are workflows, i’m looking for the right search expression to exclude listings with the blocked out dates.

@keith can you also please clarify how this expression is supposed to work? I’m just trying to find out if the date range is longer than variable days booked.