Displaying list of things one cell each

Brand new to Bubble and to creating a web solution. I spend so much time searching for things it’s cutting into my pandemic drinking time. My issue is displaying a list of things a cell at a time. After two bottles of Makers and hours, I found one can place a repeating group into a repeating group. One can do that, as a newbie, and drink and cuss trying to adjust alignments. Is there a simpler way since some of the forum discussion can go back for several years, I just don’t know. Cheers

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Put the Type of content as the type of data e.g. text or number. Put the Data source as Do a Search Data type.

For example to display a list of text

More on this - Display a list in a Repeating Group | Bubble tutorial


Hey Sharma! I did just like the blog posts you posted says, but it still doesn’t work. Would you mind helping me out?

Sure. PM the link to the editor

Just did, thanks!

Many thx. I do have that working. So now I have a repeating group as “type of content is TEXT”. Within this text group, I need to pull up an image from the user data type. The current data type is “create_group” So my question is how does one pull other non-text into the repeating group set to text?

For that, you’d need two RGs. One inside another. A single RG will work only when the type of content is same.

I’ve put the steps over here including the editor link

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found using nested database works much better

@rfycom care to share your solution?