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Display individual database "Multiple entries" cell's values in separate Repeatable Group's cells


Stuck on this problem.

I created a database table where one of the fields (Column) is checked as a “Multiple entries”, so that cell, for instance, within that any given row has 3 different values like this example below (Starters, Mains, Deserts).
The Category field type is “text”

How do I display each item in that Category field in a separate cell within a repeating group.

So it shows like this in the repeating group:




Is “catagory” a type of thing? Or are they texts?

Well category is a list of text

Repeating Group Type = text
Repeating Group Source = Thing’s Category

Text in the RG cell = Current cell’s text

That method results in the entire list only showing in the first cell of the repeatable group

There’s something missing in your setup if that’s what you’re seeing. If you want to display a list of texts (each category) in a repeating group, the type of the RG = text, and the source would be a single entry’s list of text. I’m not sure what the name of your data type that contains this category field, but it would be that Thing’s Category. For example: “Current Page Product’s Category” or “Search for Products: first item’s Category”

This is my setup

And this is what i want to do

Could you share your app editor link? I understand what you want to do, so I’m probably not explaining myself very well. If you can share your link, I’ll get it working for you.

Thanks! Could you set it to public with write access (Under settings > general) :slight_smile:

? Should be public

I keep getting redirected out?

No idea whats happening, relatively new to Bubble

Can you share a screenshot of your access settings where you can select private/public?

Its permanently on public, still running the 30 day trial

I got it. The URL was corrupted.

Ok @davidgonsal, check out the page now. See what I did. In order to display different Test’s categories though, you’ll need to adjust the source. Right now, it’s just going to pull from the first Test in your database.

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It Works!

But now say that the “Test” database has more than 1 row, with the same situation with the category having a list,

How do I grab the category list from a specific row without specifically knowing the row number, and using only the name of the restaurant field to get that row number. If that makes sense

Right, that’s what I was referring to when I mentioned your repeating group source needing to account for that. In an ideal world, how are your users going to pull up this list? Will they look up a restaurant and they see the list of categories from the restaurant they’ve selected? In that case, for example, have a search box element that allows the user to find the restaurant, and then the source of the RG will instead be “search box value’s category” which will then change the list every time a new restaurant is selected in the search box (it’s an autocomplete function).


I need the function to do this: on 1 page when someone searches for a restaurant, it opens up another page that displays that restaurant’s categories, inside a repeatable group