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Field Type For Currency[Solved]

I need help figuring out currency.

I see that currency is an input option on the front end. On the backend data side I don’t know what field type to classify it as. Number doesn’t work since there’s a decimal. Set it up as text?


I need help with this too. Did you ever get an answer?

I set it up as text.

I’d do the same. I use number but I don’t use decimals.

@jason1, pls put [SOLVED] in front of topic when your topic is in fact solved.

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Thanks - I honestly didn’t know if this was solved. Text makes sense to me but I wasn’t sure if that is the best approach since it has a symbol and numbers with decimal. Will remember to put [SOLVED] on titles, though!

Often I go with text but would potentially like to have some data defined better for the simplicity of future analysis. I’m thinking it’ll give me headache later. On the other hand, I’m happy to ignore the headache now :slight_smile: