Displaying one of two images based on a boolean field value


In the Tags repeating group (screenshot 1), I am trying to show either the green thumbs up image or the grey thumbs up image (see both images - screenshots 3 & 4) in the red squares depending on the value of the boolean field Liked in the Tag - Liker data type (screenshot 2)

Strangely, the only time I am actually able to show an image is when I upload the image in the
appearance tab of the Image Thumbs up element inspector.

No matter what type of query / queries I enter in the conditional tab, no image appears.

Could you point me in the right direction ?

Thanks for your time.


screenshot 1:

screenshot 2:
29-12-22 Screenshot 2
screenshot 3:

screenshot 4:

It seems like it must be some sort of layering issue for the image not to show up because with those conditionals at least one of the images should always be showing. Can you post some screenshots of the elemental tree on how the elements are layered in each cell of the repeating group?

thanks @williamtisdale , I think you are onto something.

screenshot A is meant to show the Tags repeating group.

screenshot B is this :
= Repeating Group Tags
= = Group Tag Name Thumbs Up (within the green border in screenshot 3)
= = = Text Parent group’s Tag’s
= = = Image Thumbs up
= = Text Num Products with tag

Screenshot C is the output.

I guess Group Tag Name Thumbs Up is the reason why none of the images are showing … but I could not quite find a way to position the image within the RG current cell on the same line as the tag name without creating the Group Tag Name Thumbs Up.

Any ideas how I can extirpate myself from this mess ?



screenshot A:

screenshot B:
29-12-22 screenshot B
screenshot C:

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