Displaying one of two images based on DB row entry


I am basically trying to display either a grey thumbs up image or a green thumbs up image
next to a Tag name in each cell of a Tag repeating group (screenshot A)

screenshot A:

By default, the grey image is shown.

When the user clicks on the grey image, it should turn to the green image and vice versa.
(see green thumbs up image on screenshot #3 in the pdf file below)

The 8 screenshots in the pdf file shows the set up .

A quick overview of the 8 screenshots in the pdf file :

Screenshot #1 : Tag data type structure
Screenshot #2 : Tag liker data type structure
Screenshot #3 : Tags Repeating group with either green thumbs up image or grey thumbs up image in each cell
Screenshot #4 : First condition on image element
Screenshot #5 : Second condition on image element
Screenshot #6: Third condition on image element
Screenshot #7 : “Click image workflow” - create Tag liker row entry action only if row entry not already in the DB
Screenshot #8 : “Click image workflow” - delete Tag liker row entry action only if row entry is already in the DB

Since no row entry is ever saved or deleted in the Tag Liker DB table, I suspect the Only when conditions in the workflow actions are not properly working.

Or maybe I’m completely missing out on something.

Thanks for your help.


It’s most likely because you’re using a single workflow to run both actions…

So the first action runs and creates the tag-like, then the second one runs and deletes it…

But you can confirm if that’s the case easily by checking your server logs…

I also don’t understand the conditions you’re using here… (nor the action to delete the thing you created in step 1?)…

In any any case, first I’d check the server logs to see what’s actually happening, then try using two separate workflows for this (with the conditions on each one) rather than one workflow with 2 actions…

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