Displaying repeating elements issues as pop-ups

Hi, guys!

I’m having trouble with figuring out how to display a reusable element as a popupu on my app.
I want to limit access to non-logged-in users to the app. So when a non-logged-in user would click on a button that is accessible only to logged-in users, he would be notified with a pop-up that he needs to login or register.

It’s supposed to work with the ‘set state’ action, but it only gives me the ability to show header and footer elements, so my reusable element isn’t in the list for displaying. If anyone had these similar issues, I would really appreciate the feedback and assistance.
Have a good day everyone!

Rather than a Set State action, could you have the workflow have 2 Show actions. 1st Show displays the normal Popup only when user is logged in. 2nd Show displays the Popup message only when user is not logged in.

I have tried that as well. But the problem is that the ‘restricted’ button is located in my header. And I can’t seem to get the popup in the header. I have saved the popup as a reusable element, but that doesn’t give me much to work with.

Can you provide a link to the editor, or if private, can you recreate it in a public test site so I can have a look?

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