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Displaying RG cell data in pop-up when clicked

Hi guys. I know this forum have some answers about displaying data from RG cell in pop-ups. I read a lot and have implemented the solutions in this video:

But, kind of work (almost). My SaaS have a list of tasks build upon the OKR methodology. So, every task are linked to a Key result (KR) and have one of three possible status: To do (A fazer), In progress (Em progresso) and Done (Concluída), each one is displaying in a different list. I did everything right (or though I’m did) to show task data in a popup, when the user click in the task cell. I use states to do that (exact right indicates in the video above). But the data is displaying in the popup is of the tasks in order they was inputed. Not the task wich is clicked in the RG. I recorded a small video (20 secs) to show what’s happen:
and attached screen shots of the workflow.

Anyone with ideas about how to solve this?

Thanks in advance


Each task should have an OKR associated with it in the database. When you click the current cell, you send the current cells Task data to the popup which contains a reference to the OKR.

Could you share some screenshots of your database set-up?

Hi @robhblake.
Yes, they are! I separate in two levels, O - objectives and KR’s - Key results. Each task are associated to a KR and each KR associated to a Objetive. Here’s the screenshots:

(In this shot, the other Objectives association was just to test some settings. I highlight the right association, which is linked to a option set (the way I choose to create Objectives)


Hi @diogoteste91

Maybe I’m missing something… but based on your database setup the following should accomplish what you need:

  1. Set the content type for the popup to “Tasks”
  2. When RG cell clicked → display data → Popup X → Current Cell’s Tasks
  3. Display Popup X
  4. In the popup you can then access any data linked to that Tasks (i.e. Status, KR, and anyhting within the KR you might need)


I was trying to accomplishes that by using custom states, what’s caused the error. But I changed the way data is displaying in pop-ups using display data. More simple and works fine! Thanks for your help