RG Cell Button Send Data to Popup - Current Cell's Thing not appearing


I have a RG cell with a group of texts and a group of buttons.

I want one of the buttons to open a popup and send the data from that cell to the popup.

The RG and the Popup are the same type, but in the “Data to Display” field I don’t see the “Current Cell’s Thing” as an option. Only “Parent Group’s Thing” and “Current Cell’s Index”.

The former doesn’t work to send the data.

Any ideas?

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Hello @kyleharryjohnson

Withing an RG’s row the direct child elements get to see the “current cells thing”. Once you press a button to open up a popup and send data to display on the popup … you send the data using “parent groups thing”. Please see an example when sending a “listing” from an rg to a popup:

If the RG’s text elements are the first childs of the RG then you get to see “current cell thing”. But … if they were nested inside a group which in turn becomes the direct child of the RG … then you get to see in the text “parent group thing”. It is how data gets passed on in the “pyramidal” parent/child functionality that Bubble uses.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I understand what you are saying, and you are correct that I have a button in a group in a cell, but when I select Parent Group’s Thing in Display Data it doesn’t work in the preview mode.

How is the popup set? … Can you share screenshot/s?

Yes, because the pop-up type must be set accordingly and it’s data source must be empty, to be able to pass your cell thing.