Displaying Rich Text Formatting for Initial Content

Hi there. I’m using the Rich Text Editor Plugin. I want to use the RTE for users to write and edit with formatting but I’m having some trouble retaining the formatting when pulling the previously saved text as Initial Content.

If they have never saved before and they hit Save, the text from the RTE gets saved and I also update the “Chapter” of the parent group.

I currently have it set up so that it pulls Initial Content from the Parent group so that when it saves, the whole group will be refreshed with the latest text (and theoretically with no visible change to the user):

And if I click Save a second time, it updates the content of the chapter I already created (instead of creating another one)

But this time, it removes some of the formatting in my RTE when it updates the Initial Content:

And sure enough, when they go on to publish it, it looks like the new initial content with formatting removed. I feel like I’m missing something on how to get it to nicely continue displaying and saving with the full formatting. Would appreciate any advice on this!

I have tried to replicate your issue but no luck. All my attempts to reload/resave the rich-text were working successfully. I replicated your layout with save button doing the exact same things, passing the Chapter to the group also worked like a charm. Maybe something is missing in your explanation.

Interesting. I poked around your editor and tested it and can’t figure out what’s different about your configuration. Attaching more screenshots but it looks very identical to what you did.

Can you maybe record a video of the incident and maybe I can spot something weird?

OR a gif? I use sharex to easily record some part of the screen as gif: https://getsharex.com/

Do you both use the same version of RTE plug-in?

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Video of me using the feature and going through the workflow

This is the one I’m using. Looks like there is an update so I’ll try that.

This might just be the explanation:

It works great now after the update.

Thank you hergin and artemzheg for showing me I was clearly missing something and pointing me towards what should have been obvious!

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Ohh ok this explains it :slight_smile: Thanks @artemzheg