Initial Content/Autobind not showing up in Rich Text Editor

Hello I have a Rich Text Input (Bubble Plugin) on my page and it is set to display some text from a database. No matter if I choose initial content or Auto-binding the text does not show up. If I use the bubble element inspect the initial content is listed in the properties. image|690x295

Any help would be appreciated!


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I’m having the same issue, have you had any luck? @danielremishevsky

I submitted a bug report and they have confirmed it was bug and sent it to the engineering team.

+1 here with the same issue.

Also, it would be great if when it auto-expands (ie.: user press enter to a new line) the text cursor automatically goes to the new line (right now it goes back to the top).

This still isn’t fixed, but I’ve gotten around it for now by rolling the plugin back to a previous version.

Bubble released an update for the plugin. Everything is working now! Thanks Bubble

Yeah, it seems to be fixed, however now even after resetting data and sending data again doesn´t update the initial dynamic content of the RTE. Can someone test and lmk if it’s something I’ve done wrong?

In below screenshot it should be Reunião Atendimento instead of ‘teste 5’. The content in another input updates accordingly. Problem only happens in RTE initial content (which appears to be correctly set accordingly w/ the inspector:

I think I get what your saying.
For me when I input data into the RTE and save it to my database then reset inputs. When I go back to the page with RTE the text was not reset with reset inputs command.
I will email support back about this now.

By everything you mean even the ‘initial content’ issue is also resolved. My RTE is not showing initial content even after the update. Please guide.

I am also having this issue.