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Displaying specific entries from database

I am trying to display data in repeating groups but cannot understand how to specify what data I need.
Here is a screenshot of a database

Problem is that I need to display in a repeating group just All subcategory names that have main category “Animal” so it would just Display in the repeating group Cat, Dog, Other animals.
I have set the repeating groups Content to be “Sub category” type.
And to perform a search for “Sub category” type.

And in the repeating group, I have added a textbox that displays current cells Subcategory.

You need to set Repeating group type of content to the table which is holding “Sub category and main category” data.
And data source to this :
Search for ThatTableName
In the constraints, add this
Main category = Animal

And in the Repeating group textbox, you need to display Current cells Sub category

I understand it should look like this table name is All categories but it doesn’t allow me to write the name “animals” When I hit enter nothing happens and I click outside the field it removes it. Also tried to add it as arbitrary text no luck.

You first need to clear the value by backspacing everything and then enter “Animal” in empty box. That should work.
Edit: Wait, what’s the type of “Main category”?
Text or you’re referring to any other custom type?

I have a other type where i list all main categories

Then on sub category input i select from them

If i create a new subcategory

Then while searching for sub categories, do this in search constraints :
Main category = Search for All categories with constraint Name=Animal: first item

Thanks a lot this really helped. Finally got it.

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